PATCHING A TENT – Wait!! … What Did YOU Think I Said?! (MJ Sailing – Ep 171)

Get your minds out of the gutter! It’s time for us to get to work on this build site and begin patching all the holes in our tent!

Now that the other fishing boat is out of the tent at Kentmorr Marina, we now have the open space to get to work on patching all the holes which have formed in it over the past 15 years. Matt gives a little rundown of the process, and we tackle some of the smaller holes as we put our newbie knowledge into action.

And, while the sun is still shining and there’s good light outside, we take another thorough look at the Viking sport fisher which will be our home in the marina for the duration of the build. While she has good bones, there’s still a number of things we need to tackle to eventually make her sale ready. Including a patch of delamination Matt found on the foredeck.

Tell us what you think of our projects so far! There’s still a little bit of time before our first container comes over from Vietnam, so the tent and the Viking are going to be our focus until then.

We hope you enjoy!

Much love from Annapolis!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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