Organized Chaos – Ascending Neptune’s Staircase l Sailing the Scottish Highlands (MJ Sailing – 116)

We’re really excited to bring you this week’s episode where we start our journey through the Caledonian Canal, and get to do more traveling through the Scottish Highlands.

We think our morning is going to begin by jumping right into the Lion’s Den of Neptune’s Staircase (an 8 lock staircase), but luckily there is a set of two just past Corpatch to get us familiar with the system. But..then we are thrown into the lion’s den where I have quite a rough go of keeping our boat in place as we sit right in front of the flooding gate.

But…we’re soon rewarded with a beautiful sail through Loch Lochy and picturesque green hills completely surrounding us. We hope you enjoy watching our trip through the canal as much as we enjoyed taking it!

Much love from Scotland!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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