CATAMARAN BUILD – The ‘Reach Around’ Test 😲💩 (MJ Sailing – Ep 223)

How much space do you really need on a toilet to do your business? Well at least enough room to reach behind you and wipe!!

Last week you’ll have seen that we received our compact toilet from Vetus, and this week we figure out placement for it in the master head. Which truthfully, is much easier said than done since we need to consider how far it will intrude in our walking space, as well as how much counter/vanity space it could cut down on. Plus, there’s the ever important ‘reach around’ test.

Then we take a few minutes to discuss our thoughts on the Vision 444 catamaran, which is one of the boats we had really been looking forward to touring at the Annapolis Boat Show, but did not make it. Thankfully we’d been introduced to the owner’s last summer and they were happy to have us aboard to poke our heads around before departing for warmer waters. As a catamaran sized much closer to ours (as opposed to the 48 & 52 foot versions we saw at the show), it gave us a great idea for what’s possible in that kind of spacing. Plus we loved the design (similar veneers) and use of color and vinyl.

Much love from Annapolis!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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