CATAMARAN BUILD – Seaming The Inner Hull (MJ Sailing – Ep 188 Part 1)

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Now that our inner hull piece has been attached with the methacrylate, it’s time to strengthen that seam by glassing the interior flange.

To start off this week, Matt and I go about strengthening the seam to the inner hull. This is where we had just bonded with the methacrylate, and the next step is going through to glass the interior. It will make the area incredibly strong, and leave us with no worries while we’re out sailing the high seas.

The fiberglass we’re using is 1208 – with a chop strand mat to the back, which we received from Griffco Products.

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We also answer one big question in the Q&A, which is – “When are you getting the second container?”.

So settle in and enjoy!!

Much love from Annapolis!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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