CATAMARAN BUILD – Measuring Bulkhead Spacing (MJ Sailing – Ep 190)

We’re AMOST to the stage where we can begin putting in our bulkheads!! But we have just a few preparatory steps before we can get there.

Although the bulkhead placements were provided by Max Cruise when we received the hull, we’ve made a few small tweaks, and now we need to go through and mark the new positions where all the bulkheads will be placed. First we measure them out on the floor webbing, and then bring out our lazer level to match up both sides. This also gives us a line to mark across the deck of where the edge of the bulkheads will sit.

The next day Matt goes through those five areas, and cuts out pieces of foam core to fill in the gap of the seam between the bridge deck and the hulls. This is because we want to create a level ramp for when we lay down our unidirectional fiberglass.

Q& A Questions:
Why do you unroll your 1208 fiberglass underhand?
The order for container #2 has been placed!
Why are you placing the narrower layer of fiberglass on top of the wider strip?

We hope you enjoy!

Much love from Annapolis!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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