CATAMARAN BUILD – It’s Time to Discuss Furniture (MJ Sailing – Ep 221)

Now it’s time to begin planning the interior of our boat.

Become a Lord or Lady today!!

Even though we’ll be spending the winter working in each hull side because we can heat the fore and aft areas, we’ve found that in order to properly place a few of these things out, we first need to fit out the salon. Even though we won’t be getting to that area for months!! But, having some of those items in place helps us decide what we want to do down in the hulls.

Which, for the main focus of this episode, we’re working in the master head and vanity. Questions come up like “Where we want to fit the toilet? How is this going to impact where we place the counter? Would it be best to have sliding doors for our cabinet, or opening?”

It turns out, there is A LOT to consider when the world is (partially) your oyster. But once we get a few of the necessary decisions out of the way, Matt is able to template and cut the bulkheads which will separate our shower from another cabinet in the forward section of the head.

So much planning and fitting to come – scary to think this is only the beginning!!

Much love from Annapolis!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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