CATAMARAN BUILD – Dusty & BRUISED … But the Cockpit Seats are Bonded!! (MJ Sailing – Ep 214)

My arms have gotten bruised and banged up from all our test fits with the cockpit seats – but now it’s time to permanently bond them down!

We start the episode responding to a popular question of “When are the engines going in?” Then Matt does some trimming to our swim step, which will eventually let us get in to glass that area from the inside.

We get a very nice care package from Total Boat – AND THEN – it’s time to bond the seats in!! After a week of trimming, adjusting, and sanding; I come away a little bruised, but still in high spirits. Plus, we’ve gotten ourselves into such a rhythm during practice that we’re able to bond both seats in just over an hour!

Tune in and enjoy – and make sure to leave your comments below!

Much love from Annapolis!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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