CATAMARAN BUILD – Barely Squeezing By – But the Transom Is ON!! (MJ Sailing – Ep 212)

After 10 days of preparations, the transom is finally ready to get permanently bonded on.

Well…this is the moment we’d been waiting for. There were a few more days of odd jobs before it was ready, especially considering that bulkhead 9 had never been bonded to the bridge deck. Sending little ‘ole me down into the hulls again, we were able to get the correct spacing when the transom was in place, to bond it to the deck, and then raise it up the following day to glass that down.
And then – the bonding of the transom!! We thought we were all pro’s at this point, I mean, there’d probably been at least 25 dry fits already. But once the first batch of methacrylate was mixed and we had 40 minutes on the clock, things began to go downhill.
Don’t worry – it all worked out in the end. But, if you want to see the pitfalls we ran into, make sure to tune in!


Much love from Annapolis!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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