CATAMARAN BUILD – Amateur Hour With Unidirectional Fiberglass (MJ Sailing – Ep 183)

This week we move onto work with our bulkheads and run into one area that has us scratching our heads.

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Of course if we’re working on a project we know we might mess up – we want it to be in an area where no one will see. So with that in mind, we start work on bulkhead two, which will be up in our sail locker.

The few stages we have to get through are measuring out the cutout, and then strengthening the area with unidirectional fiberglass. It does not stay put in the routed out trough like we’d hoped…and so we resort to using clear packing tape to try and hold it in place until it cures. It’s a good thing there will be so many rounds of this ahead of us – eventually we’ll become pro’s at it!


Much love from Annapolis!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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