ANOTHER DELAY With Our Container – So We Took On A Boat Delivery

There’s been YET ANOTHER DELAY with our container, so we’ve decided to do some sailing in Florida instead.

Due to bad weather, our container did not leave Vietnam on January 3rd, as we had originally anticipated. Instead there were a number of delays, ships stuck in harbour due to bad weather, and we did not get confirmation of her departure until January 21st. This gives it an approximate arrival date in New York on February 21st.

So what are we doing with this extra time? Delivering a boat from Savannah Georgia to Boca Raton Florida. This is better than a regular delivery though, because the boat belongs to our good friend Jeff, and he was by our side for the entire ride. Plus, now we know exactly what the fuss over Catalinas is. This 36 Mk II is a wonderful cruiser for 2 people, and has been so easy to handle.

We’re going to enjoy this warm weather while we have it, but soon enough we’ll be back in Annapolis, making all the final arrangements for our catamaran to arrive!

Track our container using this link:



We hope you enjoy!

Much love from Boca Raton!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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