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Friday April 10, 2015

Old Bahama Bay
Holy crap.  This place is spectacular.  I’m serious, if you ever find yourself in West End make sure you come to Old Bahama Bay Marina.  The grounds are gorgeous and the amenities are more than any cruiser could hope for.  Normally we’re just happy for a shower, a wifi connection, and maybe a laundry facility if we’re lucky. This place has hall that and so much more.  A pool surrounded by palm trees; land games like basketball, corn hole, and shuffleboard; free bicycles for touring town; and so many water sports.

Completely free with your stay you get the use of kayaks, paddle boards, and even a hobie cat! (Although the rudder was broken when we were there)  Three of us did take advantage of the paddle boards our first day there as well as used the bicycles to run into town to find a welder for the broken alternator bracket, but today was all about satisfying Bob’s craving for snorkeling.  As soon as he found out their boat would be headed to the Bahamas he went out and purchased all the gear and it was the one thing on his checklist during our stay.

Talking to the friendly staff we found out the best area for snorkeling on the grounds was currently off limit due to rip currents but if we walked down the beach a bit there was a small jetty of rocks that we should still be able to find some fish in.  True to their word, we did find all kinds of little fish in this area and I was even able to follow a sting ray for just a moment.  And to think that Matt and I were worried that we wouldn’t be able to pull our gear out for a whole 9-12 months when we left the Virgin Islands….

I also had the luck of trying out a GoPro for the first time during this little snorkeling adventure.  It wasn’t until we were back at the boat that I was able to look back at the footage and I’ll admit that I may not have always been shooting where I thought I was (for the most part I was wearing it on my head), but it was still fun and I was even able to put together a little video from the footage! I may have been a little slapdash putting it together since I wanted to get it up right away, but I hope you enjoy it.  🙂

Other than that, we’ve all been enjoying our time here immensely! The days are beautiful, the company is great, and Joni is an amazing cook that keeps us well fed morning, noon, and night.  This ‘job’ could not have come at a better time and I know we’ll be incredibly sad when it’s time for us to head home. Shamroga stern Shamroga side church West End Bahamas

mosaic window in church

Old Bahama Bay Marina

Old Bahama Bay Marina and Resort

3 thoughts on “Video: Snorkeling in West End

  1. WEST END! I’ve never been to the Bahamas, but I have read many stories about them. I am constantly amazed by every traveler’s story about how it’s always Bimini, then “down island” to the Turks and Caicos. I can’t remember ever having read about anyone taking the trip to Grand Bahama, and Great Abaco. Maybe you could start a trend, I’m sure there is much to see there. Just looking at the satellite images around Freeport, makes me interested in some of those bare properties on all those canals.
    I’m glad you made a safe, successful crossing. Keep up the info on GB and GA.

  2. Found your blog on my facebook wall somehow! Awesome!

    Kind of cool that the first post I check out just happens to be a place I have been many times! We check into Customs at the West End Customs office when we cross over from Florida for Lobster Season.

    We leave out of Jupiter, FL and cross over, check in at West End, then head over to Port Lucaya and stay at Ocean Reef Yacht club for the first week of August, which is the opening week of Lobster Season!

    I’ve also stayed at Old Bahama Bay once about 12 years ago (gawd i feel old).. I believe it was relatively new at that time- we stayed on our boat (35 ft Chris Craft) and were out on the boat most of the time, so we didn’t get to do very much exploring of Old Bahama Bay!

    I can already tell I’m going to be addicted to your blog! Can’t wait to read more! Thanks for sharing!

  3. hallo, jessica and matt. what a wanderfull trip. i wish you all the best. greetings bernd from holland

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