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  1. Hi Matt and Jessica,

    I am enjoying reading your blog posts after reading news items about your decision to sell all and go sailing.
    sounds like the experience of getting into the port at St Augustine was not quite the adventure you were looking for.
    Glad you made it. We bought a 2004 Toyota Highlander from Matt in 2005 and recently traded it in on a 2015 Rav4.
    (It served me well and had 167,000 miles on it.)

    We spent this past February in Florida at Turtle Reef Resort on Hutchinson Island. A few years ago we spent a week in Palm Coast and spent a day in St. Augustine which we enjoyed. We are enjoying retirement and have a cottage on Sylvan Lake just north of Newaygo. It’s nice to enjoy your sailing adventures vicariously. We wish you the best as you continue your boat repairing.

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