Our Atlantic Crossing in Video

Ever since we first left Florida for the Bahamas back in March of 2013, I kept telling myself I was going to capture our adventures in little clips and make them into videos.  The clips, I have some, the videos though, never came to fruition.  This time was different though.  With such a milestone in our sailing history I knew I had to record it and actually get it out there.  So I have!

Over the past few weeks I’ve spent hours upon hours going through all the ten second shots I took here and there of our crossing and compiled them into a little video for you.  Let me just warn you that it’s the first one I’ve ever done, and I wasn’t (and am still not) always sure of what I was doing.  Please be kind, and if you are, I’ll keep working to get new ones out in the future.

Without further ado, 46 days of our Atlantic crossing, squashed down into just over three minutes, for your viewing pleasure.

8 thoughts on “Our Atlantic Crossing in Video

  1. Loved your video, and the accompanying song! The only thing missing was my cutie pie son, but I know how camera shy he is. I have dozens of photos of Matt with his hands over his face, avoiding the camera. Keep the videos coming. It is a great way to view the adventure through your eyes. I love and miss you both!

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