Daze Off Is No Longer

Friday August 28, 2015


Daze Off, that is.  We didn’t like, lose her to a wind storm or sell her off because we can’t handle the boat work anymore.  And no, we did not burn her down, although it’s still our phrase of the moment, just like it was for a time on Serendipity. (“I am going to burn this effing boat down!!”)  I mean, burning down this boat would just be absurd.  It’s made of metal. (Although wouldn’t that be nice?)  She’s just nameless at the moment is all.

In our never ending search to find the best way to remove the paint from the hull, Matt took our grinder to the stern last week to see how that compared to a paint stripper we had tried a few times up by the bow.  He used an 80 grit flap disc, and the results came out pretty good.  Attached to our small vacuum we found out that Matt could sand a decent portion down in a small amount of time while barely making a mess.

The majority of this project won’t even start until November or so, once the interior is nearly finished, but it’s nice going through at the moment, testing spots here and there to see what one will save us the most time and money in the future.

There’s still the decision that needs to be made of should we go down to bare aluminum or put a new coat of paint on?  We love the idea of bare aluminum, but we don’t know if we’ll be able to get the finish we want on it. We know she won’t be incredibly shiny like the new aluminum currently being welded to our keel, but we’d still like something that looks decent. Painting would probably be the easier route to go, only stripping off the first layer of paint instead of all the way down, but it would also be more expensive.

So many decisions and only, oh, three months to figure them out.  I’m sure we’ll know what we want to do when the time comes, but it is also nice knowing all the options we have at hand.

Now that we’ve tried this little test run right where our identity was we’ll be nameless for a time, although we’ll keep referring to the boat as Daze Off before something new gets put on. We’re still debating on a few possibilities of names for this boat, and although we think we’re 95% sure, we won’t tell anyone until we do an unveiling ceremony sometime this fall or winter.  I hate to disappoint Matt’s family in telling you that it will not be called Yearz Off, as they keep suggesting.

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8.28.15 (2)

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8 thoughts on “Daze Off Is No Longer

  1. So, what would be the most cost effective for the long term? I’m guessing it would be to take it down to the aluminum, vs repainting later. But I don’t really know anything about metal boats… Save that painting money for beer!

  2. Too bad you are not going with my brilliant name suggestion! But, I’m sure you two have come up with something almost as clever. I am anxious for the unveiling ceremony to find out Daze Off’s new name. Keep up the good work on the boat projects. We are so looking forward to seeing all your accomplishments in person soon.

  3. In the long run I think it might be cheaper to go to bare aluminum…but right now they kind of even out. We figure we’ll either be spendng $400-500 on new paint or the same amount for a chemical stripper than can get us bare. Decision still unmade!

  4. I hope it’s not too late for you to offer the remains of something from “Dayz Off” to the deep in order remove her name from their charter,,,There are rules about these things you know.
    I really liked the Serendipity name on your last boat, WIKI says Penicillin, the microwave oven, and post-it notes were discovered by “serendipity” – a fortunate happenstance, or pleasant surprise.
    Far be it from me to suggest a name for your boat.
    If it works out though, I’m hoping to have a Nagami Kumquat plant for you take along on your journey. Time will tell (and my amateur botany skills)
    Sail on sailor.

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