Big Trunk Bay

Thursday January 29, 2015

Big Trunk Bay, Virgin Gorda

We have found our own little slice of heaven here in Virgin Gorda.  A little secret I was tempted to keep to myself, but since I kind of let it slip in my last post anyway I may as well share it so that others can enjoy it as much as we have.  Are you ready for these three little words?  Big.Trunk.Bay.

Imagine that you are anchored in 15 feet of clear and pristine turquoise waters and just in front of that is a powdery white sand beach.  As if that wasn’t tempting enough, just behind this is a jungle of palm trees, and situated behind those are gigantic boulders rising out of the earth.

If that’s not enticing enough, just a few hundred feet down the shore is one of the most breathtaking natural wonders you’ll ever come across.  The Baths and Devi’s Bay. Enjoying it at your leisure, it’s just a quick dinghy ride back to your secluded paradise.  Less than a handful of boats may join you during the afternoon and once the sun begins to set it’s likely that you’ll have the entire place all to yourself.

This is where Matt and I found ourselves for three consecutive nights and had a very tough time tearing ourselves away from this morning.  Each day so far has been started with a cup coffee out in the cockpit followed by general lounging.  Afternoons have included a trip to the Baths, or snorkeling the offshore boulders.  Evenings are spent on deck with a cocktail in hand watching the sun sink behind the hills of Tortola.  At night the starts come out in the dozens and if the water is calm you can see the moon illuminate the sand below your boat.

Yes, this place seems to be as close as you can come to perfection. If there is one downside to this area though it’s that during the late morning to mid afternoon there are unfortunately a fair number of boats running people to and from the Baths which means you will get waked from time to time.  We had this along with just a bit of a swell coming through, but fixed it easily with a bridle pointing us west where the swell and wakes were coming from.

It’s safe to say that if we had more than just a few weeks to spend in the Virgin Islands we would have been in this spot for at least a week or maybe even more.  Although as it stands, we have other islands and eventually a panhandled state calling our name.  But now that the secret’s out you can enjoy this Shangri-la on your own.  Just don’t tell anyone I sent you.

Big Trunk Bay, Virgin Gorda

View of Tortola from Virgin Gorda

Big Trunk Bay, Virgin Gorda

Big Trunk Bay 2, Virgin Gorda

gatos del mar

Big Trunk Bay, Virgin Gorda

sunset over Tortola, BVI

sunset over Tortola, BVI

2 thoughts on “Big Trunk Bay

  1. I know that place is so amazing!!!!! I have been sailing around the BVI’s three times (interline regatta) and there are so many beautiful places that you just want to stay there forever. Enjoy paradise.

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