Bare Bottomed No More

Dive in with us as we tackle A LOT of boat work in this episode.

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Wow, we are all over the place in this one, or at least it seems that way on camera. But really?; it’s a pretty typical week for us. We had a surprise visit from our welder to complete the last of what we needed there….which means we were free to start on the bottom!
Sanding and grinding down to bare aluminum, priming, and then adding a barrier coat, we had an exhaustive week. It didn’t end there though. On top of the barrier coat, Matt added a faring compound to smooth out a few of the seams which I (Jessica) had to sand down to smooth even more.
Our work continues to the inside of the boat as well. I take to (hopefully) getting the last coat of paint in our forward salon, and Matt is beginning to get us functional by beginning the process of wiring everything to our batteries.

Cheers from the work yard!

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Matt & Jessica

00:01 – Spoiled Kids – Daniel Kadawatha
03:25 – Sunset – Methas Tariya

Camera equipment used:
– Sony NEX 5T –
– Apple iPhone 5S –

Editing software: Windows Movie Maker




2 thoughts on “Bare Bottomed No More

  1. I am impressed with both of you and your skills. Where did you get your many skills … Wood working, epoxy, upholstery, engines, painting…? Task managemement, humor, cheerfulness…utube development

  2. Youtube, cruisers forums, and other bloggers/vloggers, I guess. 🙂 Matt is the king of research and has the kind of brain that will let him read something and then apply it. I wish I were that lucky!, but at least I’m married to someone who can do those things for me between teamwork. 🙂

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