Atlantic Crossing Part II – Day 48

What happens when you chase high pressure systems instead of lows?  You find yourself drifting at an average of 3 knots, but….., 29 days later you find yourself on land after an extremely comfortable passage.  That’s right, we’ve made it to the Azores!!  All is ok.  3400 nm.  38.31 n 28.37 w

Azores coord

11 thoughts on “Atlantic Crossing Part II – Day 48

  1. It’s amazing the progress you guys have made! It’s hard to believe that you are almost on the other side of the Atlantic! Congrats you guys!

  2. Hey, congratulations on your long trek! While you’ve been gone i’ve read up on the history – you’ve had a great story so far, and i’m looking forward to your European Adventure.

  3. Thank you everyone, we’re so happy to be on land for a few days to recoup. And the sights here….wow….there aren’t even words. The Azores should really be listed as a top cruising ground. Definitely worth crossing an ocean for.

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