Atlantic Crossing Part II – Day 41

Starting 2 become skin & bones out here, where’s a McDonald’s sail-thru when u need 1? All is ok. 2859 nm. 33.08 n 34.27 w.  (no worries, we have food)Day 41


3 thoughts on “Atlantic Crossing Part II – Day 41

  1. Hi you two!
    I stumbled on your blog 2 or so months ago and follow your atlantic crossing almost daily… Keep it up! My boyfriend and I leave Boston soon for the Bahamas and you guys are an inspiration. I’m sending good vibes for full sails and fair seas!


  2. @ Allyson, I’m so happy you found us and are following along. 🙂 There’s still about two weeks of sailing left to get from where we are now in the Azores to Gibraltar and the entrance of the Med, but hopefully the post from there won’t have anything exciting to report since exciting usually = bad. Good luck on your cruise from Boston down to the Bahamas, I’m sure you’ll love it. If you’re somewhat ‘city’ people like we are, New York City and Charleston are must stops along the way.

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