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Do you like coffee?  If you do, you’ll love what’s coming up next, because we’re going to give you a chance to win a free Aerobie AeroPress coffee maker.  That’s right!  With the help of the great folks at Aerobie, we’re giving away a free AeroPress to one of you lucky readers!

Remember the review I did a few days back for the JavaJug, a product that works with the AeroPress, and I wouldn’t shut up about how great the coffee is and how much we like to make it? That’s because it was no lie. We bought the AeroPress ourselves and were getting nothing from the company to promote their product. Not that one can really use the JavaJug without the AeroPress, so explanations were needed, but the excitement I expressed at the fact of being able to get up every morning and make myself a cup of coffee using their system was completely genuine.


In case you missed it, let me go over some of the highlights of the Aerobie AeroPress:


  • It’s plastic. Any boater knows, plastic is good. It doesn’t rust, it’s durable, it doesn’t leave dings in your floor when you drop it (let’s just say I’ve learned from experience that french presses can do a little more damage).
  • It’s light. Like, extremely light. The whole system only weighs 7 oz.
  • It’s quick. Once you have your boiling water, all you need is 10 seconds to stir your grounds before pressing the coffee into your cup.
  • Clean-up is easy. Just pop the grounds out the bottom, where not only do they all come right out, but there’s no hard to reach places they could get stuck in. Hate the thought of cleaning a filter? You don’t need to. The paper filters pop right out with the grounds.
  • You can use it to make espressos, Cafe Americanos (regular coffee to us layman folk), or lattes. The only variance between the three is if you leave the pressed grounds as they are, add water, or add milk.
  • IT MAKES AMAZING COFFEE! You’re always left with a cup of coffee that is smooth and never bitter. Compared with an automatic drip, a french press, and an clever dripper, this is by far the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. Aerobie might actually need to start a support group for people who become addicted to coffee made by their product.



If you have any questions on how to use the Aerobie AeroPress, watch this video on YouTube, or read and go through step by step photos on how to make coffee with it along with the JavaJug on the post on our website.


Now the part I’m sure you came here for, how to enter. There are two simple ways.

Leave a comment under this post telling us how you take your coffee, or your favorite place to relax with your morning cup of joe (assuming you’re not rushing off to work).


Share us on Facebook by going to our page, MJ Sailing, and clicking on the settings icon. Just make sure to drop us a note and tell us you shared.

If you do both, by leaving a comment on the website and sharing us on Facebook, you’ll be entered into the contest twice, doubling your chances to win!


The contest will end at 12pm EDT on Monday March 24, 2014. The contest winner will be announced on our Facebook page that afternoon. Shipping is only available to the US and Canada.

Aerobie AeroPress

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33 thoughts on “Aerobie AeroPress Giveaway

  1. I would love to win this aerobie aero press my favorite place for a my 1st cup of coffee on the weekend mornings is in the cockpit of our sailboat.

  2. Very cool. I have been thinking about the AreoPress for a little while. They are a cool looking get your coffee fix.

    Currently we make our coffee in an SS French press. We love to have our weekend coffee in the cockpit when the boat is in the water (when will this winter ever end!). A nice relaxing Sunday morning sipping coffee while listening to acoustic sunrise and reading a book. Perfect start to the morning.

    Fair winds,


  3. I love my coffee with milk and honey…..when at home, sitting at the table with a book…when on the boat….in the cockpit 🙂

  4. We purchased our first boat this winter! I have been researching how to stock my galley to help pass the days until we the boat is in the water. Once it’s in I’m sure my new favorite place to drink my coffee will be on the bow, watching the sun rise!~

  5. Nicely timed article! We are in need of a new system since we’ve recently moved onto our sailboat. The french press was a our typical method for our morning brew but since moving onto the boat we’ve been using a second hand percolator and pretending to enjoy our daily dose of grounds, calling it cowboy coffee.
    There’s nothing better than climbing up into the cockpit with a fresh cup of coffee as the sun begins to warm our Northern California mornings.
    Thanks for the chance and thanks to The Boat Galley for the heads up!

  6. I take my coffee the only way it should be drank. Hot and black..while waking up on anchor in front of the Muskegan state park.

  7. Coffee…
    the drink of the Gods…I love my coffee. Living on a small boat a coffee pot is quite large and then there is electricity…sometimes not there….so heat up the water and pour it in a press…bingo great coffee without the mess of a pot…then it’s the after deck to watch the morning rising sun…with the music of the islands in the i pod…What a wonderful way to start the day…on the to nature with a great cup of coffee….the drink of the Gods….auhhhh bless.

  8. Hey Jessica! Courtney is a coffee fanatic. She was especially angry when she didn’t have any while we were visiting our boat for the first time as owners….3 days with her WITHOUT coffee is dangerous. She is convinced that our Keurig will be coming aboard. I would love to be able to make coffee without power and that is why I really want to win this! Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. Hey! That looks pretty nifty! When we were in the Bahamas sailing we had stainless steel coffee mug/ french press. Grounds were always in the bottom getting into the coffee you drink and the clean up was messy. This sounds like the ideal solution! Kudos on finding such a handy item for the boat! Hope we win it!

  10. Morning coffee on the east side sunporch, while stuck in winter Canada. Prefer anywhere on boat with cushion under me.

  11. Last October I went to California to visit my Son and his wife. They had a “French Press” and I used it to make them coffee several times on their way out to work in the mornings.I had never used a press to make coffee before but after a short tutorial from my son,I figured I could handle it. I can’t tell you what a pain it was to use and CLEAN,[especially if you’re using one of these Arobie-aeropresses!]
    If I had one of these Aerobie-Aeropresses I might have enjoyed making coffee for myself after the “kids” left the house. Instead I walked a coupla blocks away and had coffee at a chain restaurant rather than deal with the mess their press created.
    I’ve lived on my sailboat in Florida for 15 years and suffered with my single cup,electric drip coffee maker long enough. I need a great cup of coffee and you can make it happen!!!!!!

  12. Hey Jessica! I met you at Muskegon Yacht Club last year with Tom Spoelman! I am a coffee nut and love a cup in the cockpit of our boat either in the slip at the club or anchored in some lake nearby. We use a French press but the AeroPress sounds better – and easier! Our boat goes in the water on May 1, if the ice is gone by then!

    Still love following your posts every day!

  13. First cup of the day is at the office here in the middle of nowhere, deployed as a contractor. Currently using a Keurig, will get an Aeropress for Father’s Day (hint has been dropped).

  14. I would love to try this coffee press. I love my morning coffee strong, hot and black at my kitchen counter before I get going on my day.

  15. Aerobie AeroPress… I love mine, use it every day. Way to go in manifesting an awesome life.

  16. Hi! My name is Jack Kimble and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE coffee. Morning, noon, or night, it is my drink of choice. I got hooked at a young age and am seldom seen without a steaming mug of hot coffee. It goes well with peanut butter sandwiches, any pasta dish, or a salad slathered with ranch dressing. I’m an ogre without my coffee, and hope I’m the lucky winner of the AeroPress. Cheers! (spoken with a raised mug of French Roast!)

  17. There is not much that’s as satisfying as sitting in the cockpit very early with a cup of good coffee and watching the world awaken.

  18. I am a new coffee drinker so I’m still learning my favorite way to “take it.” My favorite place is early morning in the cockpit of our catamaran.

  19. Jessica and Matt –

    I like my coffee strong and black, but sometimes enjoy it like a Cuban coffee with a bit of sugar and half & half . I use a Bialetti Moka Express with espresso coffee, but picture myself on my Cape Dory Typhoon Weekender sipping some fresh brew from my new Aerobie AeroPress while gazing out at beautiful Maine coastline somewhere.

    I’ve been lurking for awhile because I particularly your budget sharing. I’ll be living aboard on something more comfortable than the Typhoon in about a year, and you guys have helped me scope it out.

    May you have fair winds and a steady breeze.

    Best Regards,


  20. I love chicory coffee!!! There is nothing in the world like your first cup of coffee in the morning. Or, after dinner and with dessert. Or maybe iced during the heat of the day. Get a cool down and perk up at the same time!!!

    Safe travels, fair winds and have fun!!

    p.s. Hope I win. LOL

  21. It’s so darn cold here in Canada that my Aerobie is the only thing to smile about in the morning!!! I’ve been debating getting one for work so I can share the hot cuppa love with my co-workers!! Just liked your page on FaceBook too! Hope the sailing is as smooth as your coffee!

  22. Just SHARED!
    Oh, forgot to mention I just asked for a Krupps Milk Frother for my Birthday to go with the Aeropress! Somehow the $100 price tag seems ridiculous compared to the cheap coffee maker. It arrives Monday!! Weeeeeeeee

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