2 thoughts on “1.18.13

  1. Hey guys,
    Love the post. Last night Allie fell overboard with the strong St. Mary’s current and I was without a dinghy to save her. She
    had full moon fever and I think she tried to climb the jib again like it was a tree. She somehow managed to swim and get to the back for me to pull her up. Maybe, it isn’t so bad to have a cat on a boat without water! Hope the projects are coming along.

  2. Kim, wow, I can’t believe Allie fell over in that strong current and was able to make it back ok. That’s one of my big worries with Georgie, is that if she fall over, the current will sweep her away. Projects are finally coming along, and we think there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Who knows, we might still make it to the Bahamas this year. 🙂

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