6:53 am

At 6:53 this morning, we left our Muskegon mooring for the last time. We are officially cruisers!

4 thoughts on “6:53 am

  1. No you finally quit bumming my mooring. Have fun,see you in a few months. This is a little weak on the blog by the way. Somewhere in between would be great.:-)

  2. Hello there! We’ve never officially met, but I’m Becky’s mom and you may have tasted my homemade pizza last night. 🙂 She and Tyler told me all about your journey and it fascinates me … so, I’ve bookmarked your blog and will be following your progress.

    Godspeed to you both.

  3. You did it!! I hope your late nite visitors didn’t make your early mornig too rough 🙂 Here’s to smooth sailing and fair winds!

  4. You need to post more often now that you are on the open seas! You don’t remember me more than likely but my husband bought a Toyota Tacoma from you in 2009. I recently went to buy a new Toyota and found out about your adventure and I am following you as well as a friend of mine who lilkes boating! Bon Voyage!

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