We have not had our fill yet of exploring the harbor of Portree on the Isle of Skye, but it won’t be protected from the southern storms headed our way, and we need to find protection FAST!

On a sailboat, you could spend a good month (or more!!) exploring all the harbors and towns in the Isle of Skye, and as much as we were enjoying our time in the harbour of Portree, some nasty storms from the south our headed our way, and there is just no protection offered here.

After taking one last day to get off the boat and do some wandering around town (where we also check out the Apothecary Tower overlooking the harbour), it’s time to find a sheltered spot to wait out the next week.

This means passing under Skye Bridge, known for it’s nasty currents that can run up to 9 knots. We try to time all the worst parts so we pass through at slack tide, and find we didn’t have much to worry about. And once we’ve made it safely to our anchorage, the only thing left to do is wait out the never ending storms sweeping over us.

Much love from Scotland!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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