After having just landed in the Arctic, we woke up on our first day in Værøy, ready to climb some mountains…except our clear skies disappeared on us. Thick fog had rolled into the harbour, and even though sea level was still clear, we knew we would not get our view from the top.

Not to let that discourage us, we still took the dinghy to shore where we rowed through massive amounts of kelp to land the boat. Walking through the former town of MÃ¥stad and learned of its history in fishing and puffin hunting.

We did eventually find the trail to make our ascent up the incredibly steep hill, but just as we expected, we began to lose visibility only a few hundred feet up. It was still a fun experience though and got us ready to head to our next destination for the afternoon…a white sand beach with a mysterious cave!

Much love from Norway!!

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