Inverter Installed

Installed the inverter under the nav station.  I ran both the A/C and D/C wire into the nav desk, up into the “stereo” panel located above the nav desk, and to the A/C and D/C panels.  The D/C wire came off the 250 amp bus bar and through a fuse.   The A/C wire run from the inverter to the A/C panel’s circuit breaker.  This breaker just runs the A/C outlets around the boat.  The rest of the A/C system is separate.  With the inverters switching abilities, I can run the outlets off either the inverter or shore power.

The photos show that the inverter has a slight tilt.  This allows it to not be seen from anywhere standing in the cabin.

8 thoughts on “Inverter Installed

  1. Hello,

    Thank you very much for your blog. I found it by accident. I am wondering how you like your inverter. We are getting ready to go cruising in a few years and need an inverter. Any help will be appreciated.


  2. We have really been loving our inverter, we use it daily. It helps us charge our computers, run our tv, plus our electric water heater and iron. We do have some difficulties running our 600 watt microwave off it though, so sometimes we do wish we had gone just a little bit bigger on it. Congratulations on your cruising plans, it’s such a great lifestyle. 🙂

  3. Michael,

    We bought the 1000 watt inverter, but if I had to do it again, I would have bought the 1800 instead. Not only would it power the microwave better, but a few of my power tools would work a bit better with the extra electrons.


  4. I’m taking the same trip you are. I have a 43 ft beneteau and hopefully a crew of 3. I’m hoping tobvleave white lake in late august. Michael

  5. Michael, that’s great! A Beneteau 43 will be great for the trip, you should be fine in there will three people. Good luck on your travels.

  6. Hi M&J. I sail Lake Erie out of Buffalo, NY, and enjoy your YouTube vids. Would love to do a trip like you are doing someday. I did a bid or reading but couldn’t find what I’m curious about. I assume your boat is wired for US voltage and wonder what you do in Europe which assume is wired 240v at the docks.

    Fair winds,

  7. Hey Tim,

    Our boat is wired for US 110v. We have a “world charger” (Promariner) that inputs whatever voltage we plug in and outputs 12v for our batteries. We then use a 1000 watt inverter to make that 110v for our computers and other appliances. It works okay, but it makes it difficult to buy anything in foreign countries… i.e. I need a new Shopvac, but can’t use on that I can pick up locally here in Scotland because it is the wrong voltage for my boat.

    The next boat will 230v and I’ll just worry about North American voltage when we get back there 🙂


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