Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

Eerie.  So as to inspire superstitious fear.

eerie 4

eerie 5

 This week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post is all about eerie.  These photos were taken back at a set of trails near where we used to have our house, a popular spot to walk our dog on the weekends.  Even though you could usually guarantee you’d be the only person out walking about, these trails for the most part never usually felt eerie or frightening to me, even if I was by myself and it was getting close to dark.  (And no, I was not confident because of having my dog by my side.  As a greyhound, she would be the first to run away at any sign of danger, and at speeds much faster than me)

The only time these trails ever had a supernatural sense was in the late fall when all of the leaves had disappeared from the branches, but it was still too early for the snow to fall.  This would give an unnatural and barren feel to the normally lush land.  As if the there was no longer life left anywhere on earth, and you were the only human being remaining.  That no matter how far you searched, you would be completely isolated and alone.  And that thought, as I’d pass through this forsaken landscape, would scare the s#*t out of me.



3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

  1. Great photos! I usually don’t like black and white photos, but these almost NEEDED the lack of color to bring out the stark contrast. Good job.

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