We Have NO IDEA Where We’re Headed Next! – Sailing Norway (MJ Sailing – Ep 133)

The weather is quickly deteriorating, and we need to get out of Norway!! The question is, what are the winds going to do, and where will it allow us to go?

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Wow, it did not take long for the season to quickly change from summer into an early fall. As we work our way back down the coast of Norway we’re faced with constant rain, heavy winds, and beating into seas.

While catching some rest in the town of Kalvag, we go over our route planning to show the options of where we can go from here and what kind of weather we need to do it. But before that, we take a hike through some beautiful trails around the island, with great lookouts over the harbour and heather lined footpaths along the shore.

Much love from Norway!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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One thought on “We Have NO IDEA Where We’re Headed Next! – Sailing Norway (MJ Sailing – Ep 133)

  1. Norway… I kayak visit beautiful places and never think of sailing… which says something to put into my list, thanks for sharing… I bet you guys had a blast sailing through the water!

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