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That’s right, we’re transitioning ourselves to be vloggers!  Waiting until the boat renovation is only a few short months from completion (I know, I know, we should have started earlier), we’ve finally taking the plunge into recording our lives through video as well as writing.  We’d had the idea for a long time, although honestly, after watching the countless hours our friends the Sailing Conductors put in to filming for their documentary series on Soundwave2Berlin, we didn’t think we could handle all the extra work at the moment that comes with bringing out a camera every time you go to do something.  At least, that is the lesson we took from observing our German friends.

With so many fellow boat workers, bloggers, and blog followers passing through our yard though, we’d always get the question of ‘Why don’t you two do videos?’, and we’d explain it away that it appeared to be just as big of a project as the boat we’re overhauling, and if we did decide to eventually do it, it would be way down the road once we were on the water again.  It wasn’t until our new friends Cat & Will of Monday Never came to spend a few days at the marina while selling their boat where we watched them film a few short clips here and there, and talked the logistics of it that it dawned on us that maybe a video series would be possible at the moment.

Another month or two of failed attempts to actually hit the record button on the camera while we were working, I gave myself a ‘publish by’ date for our first episode and finally started filming.  Only two weeks behind my self appointed date, I’ve kept that promise. Video-logging is a completely different world from Web-logging, and we’ll definitely be spending a little time learning the ropes as we continue to capture our lives in motion.

What does this mean for the blog?  Don’t worry, it’s not disappearing.  As we finish work on Daze Off, I’ll make sure to publish the same amount of posts featuring the work with the same (fairly) detailed explanations as I always have.  Once we’re on the water and travelling I will try to keep up with two posts a week on the blog, in addition to the 2-3 videos I hope to publish each month on YouTube.  Ambitious?  Definitely.  But at least it will keep us busy and we’ll never be able to complain about being bored again.  Partially what got us into this boat remodel in the first place.

We hope you enjoy our very first episode of Welcome to the Boat Graveyard.  If you like what you see, please subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss any future videos.


11 thoughts on “Watch Us Now on YouTube!

  1. Matt and Jessica, great first video! Boy you guys never stop, so much you have done. I only use a foam roller now for any kind of painting. I have painted all of the inside and outside of our home with that 3″ foam roller, very little mess from it and wash up is so easy too and no brush marks or foam roller texture either! Can’t wait to see the new floors too. Until your next video……

  2. Nice first video guys. Look forward to the next one. I am keen to see how your projects go until finally splash day.
    cheers Tony

  3. Hi Christine! I did intentionally remove the video for a few hours because I found a mistake in it, and had to go back and edit and reload. It is back up on YouTube now if you’d like to check it out. 🙂

  4. Great video and love your project. I have been following you guys for about 15 month now and I love watching what you 2 do. You are so pretty and you guys are doing what so many wish they had the balls to do. Best of luck and wishes for safety in all you guys do.

  5. First video was very good! I’m sure you follow Sundowner Sails Again. Tate and Dani did a great job rebuilding Sundowner and I have followed them for years. They are great kids and you guys remind me of them.

    They are vblogging now and their videos are getting better and better. I support them on Patreon and may even give them a raise!

    I am only up to St. Augustine-2012 on your blog, but it’s bringing up a lot of good memories, since my son and I did the Great Loop in 2012/2013 along the same route:

    Keep up the great work!

    Paul Kessinger recently posted…Avoiding PaintMy Profile

  6. Hello from the Mitten!! I loved the video you guys and can’t wait to watch the next one(s)! Will you still be embedding them into your blog? I read you via Feedly…yes, gasp, read. Maybe I’m a dying breed ):

  7. Yes, I hope to keep embedding them in the blog. And I really hope to get back to writing a few posts soon as well, I know it’s been way too long!

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