Video Walk Through of Daze Off – 4 Months into Restoration

Monday October 12, 2015

Matt relaxing in forward salon

Today is one of those rare occasions that the boat is as spotless as we can get it.  This is because Matt’s family is here to come sweep us away for a week of fun in Stuart, and we wanted to make sure Daze Off was impeccable for their tour.  Or, as much as a boat under construction can be.

And since our boat is finally in show off condition I thought it was as good of a time as any to do a walk through to show you the progress we’ve made since starting and also explain what we have left to do.  The other month I put up a quick video of when we first purchased the boat and she was still sitting in storage, and wow, the difference between the two is amazing.

From when we first moved on to her to begin our complete restoration, inside and out, this video is always a good reminder that progress is happening and it actually is possible that one day we will be out cruising again instead of sitting in a hot and dusty work yard.  The thought of those days are what keeps me going, but visual reminders of our progress always help too.  I love flipping back and forth between the two videos to see what we’ve been able to tear down and build back up so far.

At that time I also promised that I would begin working on more videos to show you and I do like to keep my word (most of the time). So here we are, a full walk though and explanation of our work on Daze Off, four months into our progress.  Enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Video Walk Through of Daze Off – 4 Months into Restoration

  1. .Hi Mat hi Jess .I am following your project from the start. You guys doing a great job. The Murphy bet looks comfy .soon you will see your friends,Ron and Jackie. Keep at it.

  2. Even though we were able to walk through the boat in person a month ago, I still enjoyed the video with your detailed explanation of renovations. All looks fantastic, and you did a great job showing what’s been done so far. Keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks for the tour Jess! For the first time, I feel like I have a grasp on the boat. What a lot of work! You will love it when you get it finished the way you want.

    I leave for winter on the Panhandle two weeks Friday. If I end up on the peninsula any time this winter, I would love to stop by.

    Keep up the great work.

  4. All I can say is WOW! You guys are rocking the work yard! Keep it up! I’m near Stuart as well on my sailboat…working away the days with boat projects. Hope to be out cruising again soon!

  5. The work you guys have done looks great, and you can really see a big difference from your first video. Matt looks like he has some skill with the cabinetry and all the cherry lockers really make it look elegant. You two will be in the water again in no time.

  6. Wynne, I knew I needed to get a good video out there or it is kind of hard to piece together what our boat really looks like just based on photos. Yes, let us know if you ever make it down this way!

  7. It’s very obvious from this video that you both have put in so much time into planning every detail and carrying out the restoration. The Murphy bed design deserves a special mention (that is a great business idea right there!) Keep up the hard work – it can’t be easy, but either is crossing the Atlantic, so I’ve no doubt in my mind that this enormous project will have a successful completion. Please keep the videos coming and a huge congratulations to you both on the quality work done on her so far!


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  9. hey guys, just catching up from the west coast in sarasota and I have to say it looks great! Great job, I know its very hard work (backbreaking) in this south florida summer heat, but it will certainly be worth it. I have a question about the tongue and groove woodwork you are doing. How will that transfer back on the water? I have noticed that when boats are on the hard like that the doors and cabinets wont shut properly because everything gets shifted, so I am really curious especially with all the woodwork you are doing on the boat that way

    come on over to sarasota before you go, we have a great yachting community here 🙂 right down the road

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