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I don’t mind saying that we are not marina people.  We love being at anchor.  As much as we can, whenever we can.  One thing that has to go hand in hand with anchoring though is peace of mind.  That your boat won’t drag in the middle of the night while you’re sleeping, or worse, while you’re off it.  Which is why we have put our trust for Daze Off into a 55 lb Mantus anchor.  This may be a little oversized for our 37 ft boat, but we like that.  And with a guarantee to set the first time every time, we like that too.  Tests on the Mantus anchor have shown it to set quickly and securely, so we know that when we’re on the water again we’ll be in great hands.



doga review

Doga Towels

I have just found the very last towel I ever want to own. Great for either the bathroom or the beach, Doga towels have literally been engineered to be the best towel in the world. Going through eight iterations before arriving at the current version sold by the company today, engineers made sure they were using the best materials possible as well as studied the history of towels and different weaving patterns to learn what worked best, and areas that could use improvement. What they came up with is a towel that is fast drying, extremely absorbent, and super soft and cozy.  A definite staple on our boat now, here’s all the features you can expect when you buy your own.

  • Natural + Organic made of Aegean cotton and bamboo
  • Machine washable
  • Antimicrobial! Naturally won’t host infection causing bacteria, mold or mildew
  • Repels sand!
  • Engineered weave allows air to pass through, allowing towel to dry three times faster than traditional towels
  • Super Soft
  • Nice and big measuring in at 31” x 69” BUT folds down to ⅓ the size, perfecting for saving space and travel!!

FIXCLIP product review


FIXCLIP was the winner of the 2015 Plastic Innovation Award, with their new and very handy clips that work wonders in the boat world.  This clip is lockable, storm-proof, and can withstand winds up to 70 knots.  Versatile between your lifelines or pulpit, it securely locks onto surfaces from 0.5-32 mm, and won’t release its grasp until you unlock it.  If that were not enough of a selling point right there, the clips are made of plastic and are UV resistant, so you won’t have to worry about them rusting or becoming damaged from the sun.

So if you need to dry out your beach towels, foul weather gear, or even bucket laundry, these clips will keep all your precious items securely attached to your lifelines, no matter the conditions outside.

Friendly Swede product review

The Friendly Swede

The Friendly Swede is a Swedish company with many products for the outdoors person.  We’ve been lucky enough to try out a line of their bags, including a water-resistant duffel bag, and packable backpack, and a set of dry bags.  All of these products fit perfectly into our sailing lifestyle as we always need ways to carry our goods to and fro (no cars for us here!) and we need tough and water safe ways to do so. The water resistant qualities of the duffel will keep all our goods nice and dry during dinghy rides, and the packable backpack folds down to nearly nothing, but carrying up to 25 liters when in use.  We see all of our products through them standing up to the challenges we’ll put them through, and they’re sure to be daily favorites of ours.


JORD wood watch

JORD Wood Watches

We absolutely adore our luxury wood timepieces from JORD Wood Watches.  They work great in our sailing/nomadic life as there are times I want to don something nicer than my sport/passage/glow-in-the-dark watch for outings into town, and it has the beneficial trifecta of being stunning, extremely light weight,  as well as splash proof (just remember, not waterproof). Plus, they just get us and our style of life.  With quotes like ‘We make our watches for people who don’t just have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go’, and‘Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time’, it’s like we’re soulmates of the company/consumer world.

All of their watches are made out of recycled sustainable materials which we love, and the beautiful woods are not coated in varnished but only rubbed down with tung oil to protect the wood.  Trust me, they are items of beauty.

North 37 Design sail bag

North37 Design Sail Bags

It would be adequate to say that while we’re in port we like to spend a decent amount of our time off the boat, exploring new towns or just lounging at the beach.  Since we rarely to never have a vehicle with us to cart all of our belongings around, this means that we need to pack all of our items for the day in one bag that gets us from point A to point B, and sometimes point C.  This is why we were extremely happy when we were contacted to work with North37 Designs to use one of their sail bags for just this purpose.

Each item (purses, bags, duffels) is a one of a kind product made from previously flown sails, making you feel better about your contribution to staying green, and also incredibly stylish in the process. Not only does each article produced from North37 Design look incredibly trendy and upscale, they are also made with superior quality and structure.  When peeking inside you’ll find it’s authenticity label which will actually show you the history of your sail, including what type of sail it was made from, the areas of the world it was flown, and even the skipper of the boat it came from.

We adore our Sam Bag as it takes us everywhere we want to go.  From grocery shopping, to overnights off the boat, sundowners at a friends, or a day spent relaxing on the beach, it easily transitions from one activity to the next.  It’s high quality doesn’t have me worrying about it wearing out on me, which means I can happily take this bag with me wherever I go for years to come.


sport-a-seat  thumbnail


Back when we were outfitting our boat for extended sailing, we knew we wanted movable seats for our cockpit and did our research on the best one out there. Sport-a-seat came up as the superior choice and we purchased three. Over our three years of cruising, they became an indispensable piece to our way of life.  From using them as our main seats/cushions in the cockpit, they also get moved all over the deck for comfortable seating wherever we please, and even make it to the beach with us on plenty of occasions. We love how they stand up to the elements, and after all these years plus wear and tear, ours are still going strong.  No matter what boat we move ourselves to in the future, we know these seats will be coming along with us.

Inn on the Beach - PAG

Inn on the Beach – Pass a Grille

Located on the sandy shores of St. Petersburg, Florida, Inn on the Beach is a group of rooms and cottages directly across from the beach and warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. With a dreamy yet in vogue style, it is the perfect spot to getaway yet still have the comforts of home. While staying in the Blue Heron room we had a full kitchenette with a mini fridge, and a beautiful patio overlooking the water.  The location is perfect, the staff is uber friendly, and there are many shops and restaurants within walking distance. With a short drive to the heart of St. Pete and all of it’s activities, this is a vacation spot you’ll want to visit, but never want to leave!


Mizzen + Main

We live in a world where we’re always moving around and exposed to the elements.  Not a lot of our time is spent indoors and we are rarely ever sitting still.  Outings off the boat mean finding clothing that is comfortable, flexible, and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.  Usually this is athletic wear.  Mizzen + Main has solved the problem for us of covering all these needs as well as being stylish.  They are a company of men’s clothing that are high quality yet extremely functional.  With features such as moisture wicking; four way stretch; machine wash; and wrinkle free.  It’s like having your favorite dress shirt with all the qualities of your top grade athletic gear!

Matt loves this shirt because of it’s fit and comfort and I love it for it’s style and wrinkle free properties.  Just pull it out of your cabinet or bag and it’s ready to wear. A regular staple in his wardrobe now, I only wish we had a dresser full of them.



Aerobie Aeropress

We love coffee. A lot. For someone who only began drinking about three years ago…I probably love it a little too much. Which is too bad that once you move on a boat, making coffee gets just a little bit harder. You either don’t have the space or the electricity to run a regular machine, and a french press, in my opinion, is just way too messy for cleaning and still leaves bits of grounds in my morning cup of Joe.

So we were ecstatic when we found the Aerobie Aeropress. A plastic and lightweight single to double cup coffee maker that is perfect for the boat. The filter and grounds pop out with the plunger after every use which makes clean up extremely easy. And have I mentioned it makes the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had? I’d still be using this bad boy for my morning fix even if I moved back to land. So do yourself a favor and try it out for an easy to make, easy to clean, amazing cup of coffee.




You don’t think I’d test out a cup of coffee without seeing what it’s buddy product can do, would you? Now that you know the Aerobie Aeropress makes the best cup of coffee to enjoy all throughout the day (I’ve enjoyed many decaf cups on chilly evenings), you should also take a look at it’s companion, the Java Jug.

This handy little product serves multiple purposes along with your Aeropress. It’s primary one is to work as a multiple cup maker, allowing you to brew 32 oz of coffee at one time. By making the concentrate, you just add boiling water to the remaining jug and voila!, 4 cups of coffee at once! A secondary purpose of the JavaJug is to house the Aeropress and all it’s utensils for clean and easy storage. Just place the measuring cup and stirrer into the open spot in the plunger, place it upside down into the JavaJag, and a latch flips closed over the filter cap keeping it all in place.

But my favorite part of the JavaJug, and the one that helps me out every morning while making my coffee, is that the Jug is made of stainless steel and can double as your kettle. With everything on a boat having to serve a double purpose we don’t have the extra space for a tea kettle, and this fits the bill perfectly. It really is the all in one coffee companion.





Maggie & Milly

Every sailor girl still needs a little bit of flash and glamour in her life, and that is where Maggie & Milly nautical bracelets come in. ‘Jewelry inspired by the sea’ is their tag line, made for sailors, surfers, and beach bums; and it couldn’t be more spot on. Each bracelet is made from a nautical shackle attached to a double braided rope. Coming in a variety of colors from white, blue, and red, there’s also fun and upbeat colors such as purple or neon green and pink.

Throw one on to go with any outfit from athletic wear, to shorts and a tank, or even an evening maxi dress. They go with everything!


Would you like to sponsor us or have us test a product?  Please contact us at admin@mjsailig.com.  We’d be more than happy to add you to our sponsor list or write a product review for you!  For a look at our statistics, take a look at our media kit.

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  1. Just saw your article trough some random facebook feeds and I just want to say that thank you for sharing this to me. I always want to travel the world but like you guys I decided to live life like the ” Canadian Dream’s ” ( I live in Canada btw lol )
    but after reading your blog and seeing all these fascinating picture , the smile from both of you, I might do the same thing once I Hit 30 yrs old.
    I’m currently 24 years old male and I promise that once i hit 30’s , I sell all my belonging and travel the world!
    Thank;s for the inspiration !

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  3. Hi Guys.

    I have a charter bot agency down here in Australia. Will you make your way down this way some day? It is a long journey but wen worth it.

    We do a lot of sailing regattas so if you do come down we would love to get you to join in.

    This is the boat we own https://www.anyboat.com.au/liquid-edge/ but we rent out many more through the agency so we usually have 10 – 20 boats involved.

    Hopefully we see down this way soon.

    As the last guy said www would also be happy to pay you a 5% commission for any work that comes to us via your site. People can see the boats through the home page.



  4. While scouting for new sails I came upon Precision Sails. Thier website says you carry thier product nut I see no mention of them on your website.
    If you do carry Precision Sails, how was the service and the end product?
    I thoroughly enjoy your videos and information. Thanks for all you do.


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