Rough Riders

Wednesday March 27, 2013

I’ll try to keep this post brief since I know I’ve been writing novels lately.

Remember how I said it was almost impossible to tell wave size by photos?  These should help you judge.

(above photos courtesy of Rode Trip)

‘Oh, so this is how far my leash goes…’

Delicious pan fried snapper.

6 thoughts on “Rough Riders

  1. But.. I love your novels . Really Jessica. Grandma is considering getting a laptop just to follow your adventures . Your writings MUST be great to have an 89 y.o. want an ” evil computer! ” Love you two !

  2. I also love your detailed posts. It gives us a feel of almost being there, since you describe everything so well. Keep up the novels, please. I check every day for updates, and really love it when I come across a long one.

  3. I like your post as well. It’s nice to you to having fun in the Bahamas. Watch out for the ruff weather, and don’t let your poor kitty choke to death!

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