Ragged Islands, no reliable Internet

Wednesday April 17, 2013

We are having a great time at the moment traveling through the Ragged Islands and Jumentos. We’re currently sitting in Hog Cay, just next to Duncan Town on Ragged Island, of which we had a lovely tour of today. The only issue is that all four of us (Rode Trip included) we’re counting on the Internet service there, the only place in these island chains that offer it. After checking in on it today we found that a thunderstorm took it out a few weeks ago and they don’t know when it will be fixed. So here I sit with a bunch of posts from our Long Island adventures ready to go up, but no way to post them. Maybe they’ll have to wait until we get to Jamaica? We’re looking for the best weather window to get a little East and South to make the Windward Passage there, hopefully arriving in about a week. Wish us luck!

4 thoughts on “Ragged Islands, no reliable Internet

  1. good luck you two . really miss reading your blog Jessica.. would love to read one from Matt’s point of view sometime.. like what kind of cook you REALLY are .


  2. Ditto to what Aunt Laurie said. I know the men on Rode Trip and Turf to Surf sometimes take a turn posting, and I keep waiting for Matt to share his stories from time to time. But we love your descriptions, Jessica, so keep ’em coming as often as possible. Disappointed about the lack of internet lately, and the prospect of a week without updates.

  3. That is what you have to put up sometimes when you “off the grid” in paradise! Keep safe you guys and keep the posts coming!

  4. Where the hell are you? You can’t be having fun without us !! I demand an update!! , Account for yourselves , I say! Jessica, Jessica are you there????

    Matt.. make her talk!!

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