Picturesque Water Cay, Jumentos

Tuesday April 9, 2013


Water Cay was a very quick stop for us, less than 24 hours.  There isn’t more to the island than a few bluffs and trails, but we took full advantage of exploring them in both the evening and again the next morning before taking off again.

4.9.13 (1)


4.9.13 (2)


4.9.13 (3)


4.9.13 (4)


3.9.13 (5)


4.9.13 (6)


4.9.13 (7)


4.9.13 (8)


4.9.13 (9)


4.9.13 (10)


4.9.13 (11)

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2 thoughts on “Picturesque Water Cay, Jumentos

  1. It’s great that you are now able to update your posts regularly. I so look forward to reading your entries. You must have a ton of stories to catch up with, but we will patiently wait for you to do so. Love those photos!!!

  2. I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and have been going on to Rode Trip’s blogs also because I enjoy them. Both of you have great writing skills. I almost feel that I am there enjoying your adventures in my bikini and tanned skin.. then I look down and see my glow in the dark white legs and my grandma underpants and I sigh..

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