Picturesque Machu Picchu

Monday September 2, 2013

Matt overlooking Machu Picchu

I think it’s safe to say that I went a little snap happy with my camera while we were at Machu Picchu.  I’m positive I took over 300 photos at the ruins while figuring, I can always delete some later, but I don’t think I’ll ever have a chance to go back and add more.  I’m sure my hard drive is giving me a grimacing face right now as it’s bogged down with hundreds of raw photos, because even as I go back through them, I haven’t been able to find many I want to delete.  There just honestly wasn’t many times I could say ‘I don’t think I’ll ever want to look at that photo again’.  This place is just that amazing, where every photograph is special in it’s own way, a little trinket that I was there to experience it.

Now don’t worry, I haven’t loaded all 250 photos that I didn’t use yesterday.  I’m not that cruel.  But here are about 30 photos that I think highlight our time there and show off the different quirks and beauties of these sacred grounds.*

entering Macu Picchu at sunrise

overlooking Machu Picchu at sunrise

overlooking Machu Picchu at sunrise (horizontal)

sunbeams through the mountains

overlooking Machu PIcchu from Huayna Picchu

Jessica overlooking mountain

sun filtering through stones

road up to Machu Picchu

exiting cave in Huayna Picchu

stone house on Huayna Picchu

looking from stone house down to Machu Picchu

looking up at stone house on Huayna Picchu

view of Huayna Picchu from Wayna Picchu

stone walls and windows of Machu Picchu

stone house of Machu Picchu

stone tablet Machu Picchu

stone walls of Machu Picchu

grass steps of Machu Picchu

rooms overlooking cliff  Machu Picchu

dirt path through stone walls  Machu Picchu

ascending levels  Machu Picchu

Condor  Machu Picchu

tree behind stone wall  Machu PIcchu

grass levels of ruins  Machu Picchu

sacrificing stone  Machu Picchu

panoramic Machu Picchu

tree standing alone in sacred ruins  Machu PIcchu

llama grazing  Machu Picchu

overlooking Machu Picchu & Huayna Picchu


*If 30 is still to many, let me know and I can go back and delete a few of them.  I’d hate for any of you to get bored of looking at photos of nearly the same thing, before you even got to the end of the post.

9 thoughts on “Picturesque Machu Picchu

  1. Absolutely stunning pictures! Thank You for sharing them. I so enjoyed looking at each and every one of them.

  2. 30 is not that many when they are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I think I added another place on my bucket list.

  3. Bring on the other 250! It took me forever to scroll through these, but in a very good way. I stopped and studied each and every one. Please don’t ever think you are adding too many photos. If any of your blog followers tire of looking at them, they can zip on past. But, for those of us who thrive on seeing these regions vicariously through you, we love the inclusion of your amazing photography.

  4. Hi Matt and Jessica,

    My two friends (Mandy and Zak) and I met you on top of Huayna Picchu in September 2013. All three of us were fascinated with your life of sailing and traveling the world. I honestly think about you two quite frequently and wonder where you are and what adventures you have experienced. You have done what I always say I will do, and haven’t done. Funny thing happened this morning, Mandy texts Zak and I to turn on the Today Show. Of all the people in this enormous world, who were they doing a segment on? You. The sheer excitement the three of us felt was incredible and I hope you two are just as excited that you’ve impacted three people from Ohio in such a way. It is exceptionally great to see you two doing so well and still continuing your dream while literally living life to the fullest. You are such an inspiration and are living so many people’s fantasy. I found your page and will continue to follow your unparalleled journey. Best wishes in all your travels and next adventures! Maybe I’ll run into you later in life on another mountain top :).

  5. Kelli, I do remember meeting you and your friends on Machu Picchu! How crazy that you were able to catch us on the Today Show and track us down! 🙂 Thank so you so much for all the kind words, I hope you’re still getting out to explore this beautiful world.

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