Getting Back to Boat Work

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With more rainy and overcast skies, coupled with fronts moving in, we leave our spot in picturesque Hope Town to hunker down in Marsh Harbour once more. We figure it’s a great time to tackle a few projects on the boat that we’ve been ignoring for awhile, but need to be handled.

Jessica goes to work patching our blown out headsail, which we noticed a tear in while sailing from Powell Cay to Green Turtle. The rip is in the leech of the sail just past where the new sacrificial cover was added, and needs to be repaired with some stitching and dacron tape.

Matt inspects the rigging and adds some tension to areas that need to be addressed. Once our projects are done and the weather lets back up, it’s off to Hope Town again, but this time under sail!!

Cheers from the Bahamas!

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00:18 – I Met You in the Summer – Loving Caliber (ES)

01:08 – Indian Summer – Otto Wallgren (ES)

02:16 – Cloudy Afternoon – Magnus Ringblom (ES)

05:51 – Silver Skyline 3 – Thomas Skyldeberg (ES)

11:02 – Streets of Paris 2 – Thomas Skyldeberg (ES)

Camera equipment used: – Panasonic Lumix G85 –

Editing software: Windows Movie Maker & Adobe Premier



2 thoughts on “Getting Back to Boat Work

  1. You guys really created such a great lifestyle. Congrats!
    Are you able to life of the income of this blog, or do you have other sources of income?


  2. Off the blog itself, no, we were never able to live off the income. But now that we have switched over to videos on YouTube, we can sustain our monthly spending while out on the water.

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