Buddy Boats Reuinite

Saturday August 8, 2015

Anthyllide & Serendipity, crews together again

(Photo courtesy of s/v Anthyllide)

Daze Off has officially had her first overnight guests!  These guests may have actually been sleeping in their Jeep parked next to the boat instead of inside her since a vehicle happens to offer more sleeping room than she does at the moment, but I’m still going to count it.  In fact, this may be the closest thing we’ve had to overnight guests since our trip from Muskegon to Milwaukee back in 2010.

The cool part about these semi-overnight guests is they happen to be Serendipity’s very first buddy boat!  Scott and Kim from s/v Anthyllide.  Matt and I first met Scott and Kim in Cape May, NJ after they spotted us wandering down the road in flip flops and with backpacks (an obvious sign of a cruiser), and invited us to their boat for the evening for a few glasses of wine.  They also found another couple to invite, whom turned out to be our longest lived buddy boat so far, Brian and Stephanie of s/v Rode Trip.

With our very first guests coming out to see us now that we have Daze Off in the work yard and not in storage, we cleaned up as much as one can do while as my friend Tasha puts it “Living in a work space of a boat”. From this angle she looks fairly presentable, but that’s also because you can’t see the massive zone of clutter and chaos right behind me.

Daze Off, cleaned forward salon

 As soon as Scott and Kim arrived we gave them the grand tour and talked about how all of our projects were coming along since they have an aluminum as well and we’ve been shooting Q&A emails back and forth for the past 5 months now.

As Matt and Scott dove really deep into boat talk and welding, Kim and I decided we couldn’t take the 95 degree temperatures anymore, inside of the boat and out, and went to the air conditioned kitchen to enjoy some of the Black Box wine they had brought along.  Between a bit of girl talk we caught up on how things were going along with the boat and with my wild hand gestures I managed to fling my glass of wine on the floor, shattering the glass and spilling red wine on my dress.  Time for me to be cut off.  I swear, you can’t take me anywhere.

On a short hiatus from the wine, we hopped in her Jeep where I showed her everything that Indiantown had to offer in less than five minutes, and we swung by the grocery store to grab fixing for dinner and also the Circle K because they offer the best specials on beer. $3 saved on an 18 pack?  Yup, worth the extra trip up the road.

Getting back to the air conditioned kitchen we found that Matt and Scott had also succumbed to the heat and were already on their second beers.  Now needing a cold drink myself, I popped one open as well.

Through the night there was never a shortage of things for us to talk about. Going all the way back to when we first met them and had only one open water passage under our belts, to the stories they’d told of of salvages in the Caribbean as we sat wide eyed in Annapolis.  We relived when they hopped in a rental car and came to see us in St. Augustine along with Brian and Stephanie, after we were stranded there for months after our accident.

After our old memories together it was time to catch them up on what had been going on since we’d last seen each other in the Bahamas last spring.  I do have to say that Matt and I shoved a lot of sailing and new places into that 10 month period. Then it was time for us to hear about their boat restorations and what it was like spending time in Green Cove Springs, FL.  Once again, it actually did make us feel better about our decision to rip apart a boat, and live in it, when you hear the same stories from someone else that is doing something just as crazy and stupid as you are.

I’m sure we could have stayed up until all hours of the morning talking and having fun, but a trifecta of too much heat, too much work, and one too many beers had me literally falling asleep inside the kitchen, trying to sprawl myself out as best I could in a wicker love seat with my head rested in Matt’s lap. I was the party pooper that shut the party down.

Scott & Kim

Matt & Jessica

(Above photo courtesy of s/v Anthyllide)


Luckily for us, Scott and Kim didn’t have to run off first thing in the morning and after enjoying a coffee on the marina’s patio we went out for a nice big breakfast at one of the local restaurants.  The kind where the shirts read ‘You kill it, we grill it’.  I still have no idea if they are serious or not.

Too soon though, although we did get to enjoy a nice leisurely two hour breakfast, Matt and I had to say our good byes to our friends.  We’re so happy they were able to take time out of their schedule to come see us.  A few familiar faces and some good laughs were exactly what we needed right now.  We hope it won’t be too long before we see them again. And hey, if we can find a rental house on the water with a dock large enough for two boats, maybe we’ll end up doing all of our boat projects side by side!  Share a house and share a dock. I think I may have to go check some real estate listings.

Scott & Matt

Kim & Jessica

Jessica & Matt on Daze Off

(Above photos courtesy of s/v Anthyllide)



4 thoughts on “Buddy Boats Reuinite

  1. I find your attitude toward the people and the town of Indiantown to be reprehensible at the least. Apparently you being a world travelling yachtie, you have forgotten that most of the people who live on this Earth have to work for a living and can’t simply take off into the sunset as you have, and are planning to do in the near future.
    I wonder if you have been so callously down-looking toward everyone in every port you have visited.
    Shame on you. You may be living the life I dream of, but I hope to God that I am never the kind of person that you are that I forget the struggles of my own, and most every person on the earth, because I have XXXXXX in the bank, and don’t have to do a damn thing to feed myself for XX years.
    Hate me for calling you out if you want, but I am really offended by your “I think I may have to go check some real estate listings.” so you can share the land that some “townie” has to rent out because he can’t pay the bills on the land he owns any other way. Granted, Indiantown isn’t waterfront Miami, and you aren’t the Sultan of Brunei, but you should at least comprehend, even if you don’t understand why life in Indiantown is the way it is. How many locals have you hired and paid to do work on your boat? Do you think they make money to live on by just breathing?
    Okay, I’ll shut up. I just don’t think you should talk down on the town you are in when the, to you, measly tokens you have to toss out to stay in the place you are working on your yacht may be the only income those people you are paying have to pay for their food/rent/electricity for the next month.

  2. Ric, I don’t even know where you got that from the above post. Where was there ever talk about me trashing Indiantown? I may have called it small. Because it is.
    The searching for real estate is simply to do with having a separate place to live in while having the boat in the same location to work on it. So that we’re not living in a construction zone and also not paying monthly marina fees as well as rent. We would have shared that opportunity with our friends on Anthyllide so they could benefit from the same deal while splitting the cost. It has nothing to do with getting out of Indiantown, we don’t mind being here.
    As far as your general attitude toward us, and toward many of our blogging friends that I’ve seen, I’m pretty sure you have nothing better to do with your time than to make incorrect accusations against others and their lives.
    I will leave your comment up, but just be warned that if you’re going to keep coming on here and and leaving rude and untrue remarks, I will have you banned.

  3. I’ve learned from reading comments posted about you on other forums (following your worldwide publicity in June and July), that people just don’t get what you are all about. It seems that anyone who reads about your extensive boat projects, and the inconvience of living in the middle of a torn-apart boat, would know you are hardly living the life of royalty. You are working harder than 95% of us 9-to-5ers ever have — without a day off and under extremely uncomfortable conditions. If anyone thinks you are snapping your fingers to make your servants come running at your beck and call, he must have never read any of your posts.

    I went back and reread your post to see if I missed something. Did you trash Indiantown? Did I miss where you made fun of the working class (of which both of you were a part of before you left home)? Hmmmm….I guess I’m not that good at reading between the lines, because I couldn’t find any evidence of you being haughty or condescending.

    I know what you gave up to fund your lifestyle. I can also guess the tremendous amount of hardship and expense you are enduring to refurbish your boat. Don’t let some mean-spirited person make you question anything you think or write about. Some people live to be negative, and search hard to find something to bash. It must suck to be Ric…..

  4. I have really enjoyed your blog. I’m buying a boat as we speak, my dream started with your blog. So thank you.
    This person that has has Called You Out… is unhappy with there life it has nothing to do with you. All I have to say to that person is. That I’m sorry your life isn’t what you thought it would be, you must feel stuck. And instead of doing something about it, you attack others. Shame on you.

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