Behind the Scenes: Our Life on the Hard

Ever wonder what we do with our lives while we’re not busy with boat projects?

In this video we give you a look at a few of the things we do when the cameras are normally off, like trying to find the best shower stall at the end of a workday, cooking dinner in our galley, and enjoying a beautiful sunset from our cockpit.

It may be a far cry from the normal cruising life we hope to resume shortly, but we make the best of what we have while we have it.

Thank you *so* much to everyone who left comments or question about what they would like to know about our life on the hard. Since there were a lot of items we were not able to get to, we’ve put together a separate Q&A video, which you can find the link to here.

Life on the hard, Q&A video:


Cheers from the work yard!

Thank you SO MUCH to our Patrons. These charitable souls help keep us in the work yard, our camera equipment up to date, and the videos coming. To join the Patreon ranks, please visit

Thank you!,
Matt & Jessica

0:00 – Changes – Faul & Wad Ad vs Pnau
05:23 – You My Love – DJ Quads
12:28 – Blue – Andrew Applepie

Camera equipment used:
– Sony NEX 5T –
– Panasonic HDC –

Editing software: Windows Movie Maker & Adobe Premier




3 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: Our Life on the Hard

  1. Loved seeing the Creemore Springs in your hand! I am heading back to Canada Saturday morning and will be drinking the same with my buddies at wing night in a couple weeks.

  2. Great job on both new videos guys! Lots of info. Really enjoyed hearing your plans for the future, you continue to inspire me. Getting excited to get back to Canada and get on with my next Jeepin adventure. Loved seeing the Creemore in Jess’s hand! Will have one in my own in about two weeks back in Collingwood, Ontario.

  3. Thanks again for the Creemore Springs! It’s a great beer, and I sill have a few left. I ration them and take one out every now and then for a special occasion. 🙂

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