Atlantic Crossing – Day 12

Day 12. Welcomed Matt’s 32nd birthday in with a depression hanging over us. 36 hours of rain, storms, high winds & waves. Weather is calming, all is OK. 819 nm. 31.21n 71.03w

Day 12

One thought on “Atlantic Crossing – Day 12

  1. I worked with crystal , u really know how to worry her, but she finds strength from gods blessing and prayers from friends amf family. Always strong, I am sure it runs on the family. A lot of guts u guys have to do such an adventure. R there any other sailing like u ? I watched a movie with Robert Redford in it. He was alone and his sailing boat hit something and he was out there along time. He improvised a lot to save the boat,he had a fire in his lifeboat, he went down in the water, and I think a fishing boat came by and saved him.anyway just a movie lol. Will be watching your adventure,stay safe and good sailing. Linda

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