Sabre 34 Targa Photos

Sabre 34 Targa

Here is a 360 view of the boat:

Here is a gallery of the boat when we first looked at it…. two weeks before it was ours!
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  1. Hi,
    I was admiring your pictures and was curious where you found the stainless portholes? I also noticed the custom mast step casting, was that installed by the previous owner? I have a 1989 Sabre 34 Targa and sail on the great lakes. I have also made many modifications and improvements on our boat. We did some racing but we do mostly cruising now.

    Dutch Zonderman

  2. Fortunately for us, the mast step and stainless portholes were installed when we bought the boat. While I do not know where the mast step was cast, I do know that the portholes are items from Bomar ( There is an excellent write-up on the install of these portlights at For a much lower price, I recommend the New Found Metal portlights shown in the link.

    Dutch, where are you on the Great Lakes? We are at Torresen’s marina in Muskegon MI. I would love to see another Targa in the flesh! Do you have any photos online? I would love to see the modifications and with permission post them on this website (I’ll give you credit). With so few Targas sold, I’m shocked at home many people I have been in contact already with.

  3. We live in Suttons Bay and keep the boat at the Suttons Bay Village Marina during the summer. Our boat winters in our barn. I do not have any pictures on line but could email you some. We have made many modifications on our Sabre. We are acquainted with Gordon Torresen. Our previous boat was an Irwin 30 which we purchased from Gordon in 1975 and while my wife, Bonny, worked for Gordon. You can reach us via email or phone 231-271-6878.
    For the last 20 years we have been cruising on Lake Superior along the East and North shore (Canadian side).

    Like to hear from you,

    Dutch Zonderman

  4. Matt and I love Suttons Bay and normally travel to that area every summer, staying at the D.H. Day Campgrounds in Glen Arbor. What a beautiful place to keep your boat. I can not wait to get ours up to the clear waters of Northwestern Michigan. We would love to see photos of your Sabre and any modifications done. Our email address is
    Although I have not spent much time at the marina speaking with Gordon I know Matt has met him a few times and said he is a great guy. Everyone employed through Torresen’s has been so friendly and helpful to us, we love having our boat there. How is sailing on Lake Superior? Are conditions much more rough than Lake Michigan?

    Looking forward to hear back,

  5. I will email you some pictures of our boat and and pass on info on our Sabre modifications. I am pretty sure the mast step casting on your boat came from me. My wife, Bonny, re-did all the cushions a few years ago. It took her all one winter to do the job. On Lake Superior in July and August the lake is more docile then Lake Huron and Michigan.

  6. Dutch,

    So your the hero that fixed our mast step issue! I have had a lot of interest in where I got the mast step from, but the person you made the step for was two owners ago, and the most recent owner didn’t know how made the step. If you ever want to make another, I’m sure I could send some business your way. You did a great job!

    I look forward to seeing the photos… send them over.

    Thanks agin,


  7. Hello Matt,

    I have the pattern to make more castings if someone needs it. I had 3 castings made and sold the other 2 . This was the first thing I did when I bought the boat in 1998.

    The second thing I did I moved the ignition switch, blower switch and engine alarm above the control panel. I found it cumbersome for needing to open the lazaretto each time to start or kill the engine.

    Third major project, I ripped out the V-birth sink and installed 4 drawers. It’s a nice boat but it lacks storage.

    Last Memorial weekend I switched to a Mac computer and much of my pictures are on my old laptop. After the holidays I will send some pictures.


  8. Love your lifestyle 🙂 I’m sure I’ve seen the serendipity docked in port Lucaya marina in freeport gb.. ? I used to work at unexso…have you guys been there before?
    I also was wondering if either of you are doing anything to make money now, or still living off savings?

  9. Sly, sadly we’ve never taken Serendipity to Grand Bahama Island, our only visit there was to West End on a Brewer 42 that we were acting as sailing instructors on.
    We don’t do anything to make money at the moment (except for the one sailing instructor job listed above) and are living off savings. Depending on how we spend…we have 2-3 years left in our account.

  10. Hi, how funny and what a small world! We bought our 44′ Lafitte from Torresen’s marina in Muskegon MI. We spent several months refurbishing the boat there before moving it down to Chicago and then to Southport NC.

    Great looking boat!

  11. Thank you very much Robert, it was sad to see her go, we spent five great years cruising on her between Muskegon/Lake Michigan and on our trip.

  12. Hi to you both.
    It looks like you guys are having one hell of a trip and I envy you both. I am not a sailor but I love the sea and all the beauty it has, lets hope our Nations can keep it like that (but thats another topic one could go on about !) I am from Ireland but now live in Tampa Florida,so right on the Gulf coast.
    I just want to say,be careful out their and I hope you get to see many amazing more places.
    Good luck and I will keep reading your blogs.

  13. Hi,

    I’ve really enjoyed all of these amazing experiences you two have shared and reading all of these wonderful stories. I one day hope my life leads to this kind of lifestyle if I can get past the typical american life.

    I have two question for both of you one might be to personal so you don’t have to respond!

    – What year was the model of your first ship/yacht (Serendipity)?
    – Did both of you come to the agreement of not having children or having children later on in life before going on your adventure?

  14. John, I’m so happy you’re enjoying our adventures and I hope you follow along as we fix up our new aluminum boat to travel on. For your questions, Serendipity is a 1989 Sabre 34 Targa. The second question, we both decided before we left that children would be put on hold until we finished traveling. If we continue to travel…maybe we’ll have children along the way.

  15. Hey guys so happy que you are living your dream. We have a sabre34 mk1 and We will be heading from south Florida and heading to the west indies this coming fall. Hope to see you out there somewhere.

  16. I see that you are currently in indian town We are 20 mins away. Find me on Facebook pandm donley send message maybe We Can meet for dinner

  17. Hi, I’m Korean man and 2nd navigation officer and have interested in yatching like you since I had met one sailing vessel and contacted them with VHF. I gained very useful informations such as some photos and your ship’s maintance record and cost of sailing from you via one blog in Korean Web site ‘Naver’. And I want to know about additional information like your vessel’s specification (Price and machinery such as Navgation equipmet like Radar, VHF,Chart, Auto-pilot sys…etc.. , Generator for power, Generator for fresh water, Capacity of Fuel tank, and Fuel consumption at max sp’d) and the procedure of the entry to other countries. I cheer you couple’s wonderful sailing and respect you as a seaman.
    Von voyage~

  18. I had a friend who, back in the 70’s, together with his wife and two young children built, over a period of 5years, a 52ft wooden sailboat. The kids were 12 &13 as they were about to sail to Hawaii…..and his wife discovered she was pregnant! They went anyhow, and sailed for 5 years, baby on board. He was the happiest of kids, and even today, as an adult, is the most content of them all. How did you decide on the particular boats you purchased, and what happened to Daze Off?

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